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Are you looking to get a fast and fully functionsl custom ai chatbot on your own data/knowledgebase using ChatGPT API ?

Your search is over dude :D

We'll make you a user-friendly and super fast ai chatbot trained on your custom data (pdf, csv, docx). The chatbot will be powered by OpenAI ChatGPT API and Langchain.

The ChatGPT chatbot will be managed from a web dashboard, and there will be an option to train the chatbot on your own data, by uploading any kind of documents, like pdf, text, csv or docx.

After training the custom chatgpt ai chatbot, we will embed into your website, or you can let the user to interact with chatbot from a standalone page.

Why choose our services ?

  • More than 5 years of relevant experience
  • Long term free technical support
  • 24/7 available for your queries
  • Fully custom and personalized solutions
  • Worked on more than 100+ OpenAI ChatGPT powered web applications

What we can do for you ?

  • we'll work with you to understand your business needs and create a custom ai chatbot that will fulfill your specific requirements.


  • Documents (if choosing our basic plan)
  • OpenAI API Key


Must contact us before placing an order. ITS FREE :D

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